Solar Control Solution

Solar Control Solution

Environmental credits and Regulatory compliance can be achieved whilst simultaneously cutting building running costs by over 10% through a new option in solar shading.

Kingfisher Louvre Systems has designed its Kingfisher Louvre Systems' Brise Soleil external shading solution as a complete system to minimise solar heat gain and reduce CO2 emissions within public and commercial buildings. Research shows solar shading can reduce heat gain through glazing by up to 85%, and thus cut ventilation and cooling requirements yielding running cost savings of up to 13%. As a result, it can help achieve BREEAM credits for reduction in the overall demand for energy and improved thermal comfort within the building.

The aluminium system of continuous fixed blades is designed to be installed above areas of glazing, thereby reducing direct glare from the sun whilst still ensuring high levels of diffused natural light enter the building. The blades are set at a fixed angle to give complete shading for the UK.

The Kingfisher Brise Soleil external shading system can be used in a wide range of applications including offices, schools and other commercial and public buildings, both new and refurbished.

Sue Southern, Kingfisher Marketing Executive special projects, observes, "Solar shading is becoming increasingly an issue as we strive to reduce a building's carbon footprint, in that we aim to reduce energy consumption but need to maintain a comfortable environment in which to work and play within. It can become a striking feature of the building's overall design, and enable architects greater design freedom in their use of glazing, to optimise natural light within and reduce the need for daytime artificial lighting, yet balance the potentially significant internal heat gain through glazing- a typical office can suffer up to 20% of its heat gain through glazing!

"There are other conservation elements too. Solar shading can be retro-fitted to buildings prone to overheating and, in conjunction with natural night cooling, create acceptable ambient comfort within without the need to install energy-consuming air conditioning. Kingfisher Brise Soleil can further provide an effective method of controlling light levels in buildings such as museums and art galleries, where the contents need to be protected."