Giving Vent To Derby Regeneration

Giving Vent To Derby Regeneration

A fresh approach is being brought into Westfield and Hermes' £340m Westfield Derby redevelopment in Derby city centre with help from Kingfisher Louvre Systems.

The 1mft² shopping centre redevelopment will incorporate plant ventilation and screening louvres designed to create a central element of its architectural features. The KW100 aluminium louvres have been matched specifically to RAL9006 metallic to complement the building's colour palette.

Installed by subcontractor Roofdec from Level 4 to the roof of the eight-storey high shopping mall and entertainment facility, the Kingfisher louvres provide screening of cars entering and exiting the car parks, and screening and ventilation of plant on the roof, to ensure a good flow of air to maintain an efficient ambient operating temperature for the plant taking into account location and orientation on the façade, wind loadings, driving rain resistance.

John MacDougall of Building Product Design, manufacturer of the Kingfisher louvres, observed, "The louvres are a main architectural feature, particularly along the London Road elevation. The architectural aim is to devise a clean, inviting appearance: the louvres help create that impression, being an effective method for hiding traffic and plant, and simultaneously performing a very practical purpose in ensuring the plant on the roof is screened and properly ventilated so it functions efficiently without overheating, exposure to excessive dirt and debris etc."

Kingfisher Louvre Systems is part of the Building Product Design Group, which specializes in developing and bringing to market innovative yet practi cal ventilation and roofing products in line with changing