Kingfisher Helps Creates Social And Learning Environment For Students

Kingfisher Helps Creates Social And Learning Environment For Students

One of the top three sixth form colleges in the country has created an improved learning and social environment for its students, with help from Kingfisher Louvre Systems.

Research shows students learn better in a bright, airy environment, which is not overheated. Architects Studio 4 of Romsey applied this to the £4million building programme at Barton Peveril College, in Eastleigh, which included 23 new classrooms, three IT rooms, an IT "drop-in centre", enlarged social area and cafeteria for the college's 1900 students, and new entrance and administration facilities.

The new blocks face south, so control of solar heat gain was a major issue, to help create a comfortable atmosphere for the students, particularly in the IT suites, where there was an additional consideration of preventing computers from overheating. The solution was the use of solar shading systems from Kingfisher Louvre Systems, which reduce solar heat gain within the building by up to 85%.

On the upper floor, contractors Dean & Dyball installed Kingfisher's KS200Z system above windows, projecting out to provide a "brise soleil" canopy and minimise solar heat gain within the classrooms.

On the ground floor, aesthetics were more important, so Kingfisher's KS280E elliptical aerofoil sunbreak was arrayed down the from of the floor- ceiling height glazing.

Kingfisher is part of the Building Product Design Group, which undertakes continuous investment to bring to market innovative yet practical ventilation products in line with changing requirements.